Confluente, Annals of the University of Oradea, Modern Literature Fascicle, is an academic, double blind peer-reviewing journal that is published once a year.
Both the executive editorial team and the advisory board shall decide on any change concerning the frequency of the journal.
TCR specializes in bridging the world of academic literary criticism and theories with the aliveness of everyday literary phenomenon as reflected in the cultural media and book-production.

The topics covered by our journal in its 2 generous sections – Literary-Isms & Cultural-Isms are as they follow:

  • British and Commonwealth Literature
  • American and Canadian Literature
  • German Speaking Literature
  • French Literature
  • Emigrants' Literature
  • Cultural and Gender Studies
  • Literature and Media

As a research journal, the beginnings can be traced back to the academic year of 1966-1967, when, under the name of Lucrari stiintifice, the section of academic research emerged at the University of Oradea. In 1991the research journal changed its name and template, focusing on topics of immediate relevance and on thorough going studies, on cultural studies, analytic articles on Romanian literature and comparative literature. In 2006 emerged Confluente, a Modern Literature Fascicle, including academic literary studies in English, French, German and Italian. In 2012 the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research ranked our journal category C.

The details about the process of articles' submission along with all the necessary instructions for the contributors and also on the preparation of the manuscripts are to be found online, right here on this site.

e - ISSN 2344 – 6072
ISSN - L 1842 - 662x

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